Swimming with the pigs in Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay Activities

Things to do and sea.

Staniel Cay is located in Exuma, Bahamas; home to over 350 islands and cays with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! With activities ranging from adventure to relaxation to swimming with pigs – Staniel Cay has something for everyone!

Thunderball Grotto Exumas Islands Bahamas

Thunderball Grotto

Just across the water from Staniel Cay Yacht Club and our private dock is the famous Thunderball Grotto, a cave that snorkelers and divers can explore. The grotto has been featured in several Hollywood films, such as Ron Howard’s ‘Splash’, two James Bond movies, ‘Thunderball’ and ‘Never Say Never Again’ and also in ‘Into the Blue’, which starred Jessica Alba.

Iguanas at Bitter Guana Cay

The amazing Bahamian Dragon, now a critically endangered species, can be visited on a nearby island less than 2 miles south of Staniel Cay.

Swimming Pigs at Big Major

Visit the famous swimming pigs at our neighboring island. Remember to pack them a snack!

Sharks at Compass Cay

Swimming with the docile nurse sharks at Compass Cay is a fun & memorable experience. You can also eat lunch here. There is a small charge for landing.

Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park

22 miles of protected park boasts some of the best snorkeling and diving in the country, including Warderick Wells.

Rocky Dundas Caves

Explore these caves just north-west of Compass Cay. Two high and forbidding cays on the southern side of Conch Cut.  Two caves located on the cays have stalactite and stalagmite formations seen nowhere else in this area.  A bouy at the southern most cay provides a place to secure a dinghy while exploring the caves by snorkel. Some of the conch shells on the leeward side date back to the 1500’s.

Highborne Cay

The highest elevation in the Exumas. Take a hike to the “Fountain of Youth.” Then jump in the tender and head over to nearby Allens Cay to feed the numerous iguanas that will be lined up at the beach awaiting a treat from you. Once back on the Cay experience the beautiful tranquility by grabbing a hammock under the palm trees overlooking the crystal-clear water or at night under the countless stars in the sky.

Hawksbill Cay

Stroll the beautiful Half Moon beaches. Be sure to check out messages from voyagers in the mailbox. Hawksbill is an uninhabited cay owned by Exuma Land & Sea Park, with numerous soft sand beaches on both the western and eastern shores of the cay. Visitor highlights include the Loyalist Ruins, the spectacular beaches, and the amazing harbors and bays.

Cambridge Cay Area

Find yourself surrounded by beautiful cays and spectacular clear water. Venture by tender over to the Rocky Dundas Caves and see the Stalactite and Stalagmite formations. Nearby Soldier Cay offers snorkeling at the “Aquarium,” one of the most beautiful coral gardens in the Bahamas. Have a picnic under the trees at your own private sand bar located across from Johnny Depp’s Island.

Little Farmer’s Cay

The island is just 68 acres, less than two miles in length and has a population of approximately 50 to 70 people. Home to abundant wildlife, including exotic birds, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and tropical fish. Deep sea caves and coral reefs are nearby for world-class diving and snorkeling. Swimming with the sea turtles has become very popular.

Rachel's Bubble Bath at Compass Cay

A secluded pool that changes magically with the tides is a fun outing for all, especially on a windy day.  With the right weather the waves safely crash into the pool, filling it with bubbles! A fun activity for the whole family.

Places to eat.

Nearby restaurants that are sure to please.

Taste and Sea

Situated on the beach in Staniel Cay, Taste and Sea serves delicious Bahamian fare – a favorite among the locals.
Open most days for lunch and dinner (till 8:00 pm).

Staniel Cay Yacht Club

The yacht club is the social hub of the island and a great place to hang out. Enjoy a mix of Bahamian & continental cuisine at the clubhouse bar or restaurant. Breakfast served from 8:00-10:00 am, lunch from noon-3:00 pm, and dinner is served Bahamian style at the sound of the dinner bell. Reservations and your dinner selections must be made by 5:00 pm. Call (242) 355-2024. Lighter food can be ordered from the bar until 9:00 pm.

Hill House Restaurant

Step it up a notch and try a taste of the Caribbean in Fowl Cay with a four-course meal. Reservations need to be made several days in advance. Contact 242-355-2046 for dinner reservations. View website.

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